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New federal rules blamed in disappearance of Kindle erotica titles

Posted on: March 31, 2018, in Blog

The upcoming Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, in addition to being able to inducing Microsoft move to reduce obscenity on its platform, has hit erotica authors on Amazon. After many authors watched their rankings stripped on the Kindle store, basically reducing their availability and visibility, while forcing others in the romance category to recategorize or get dinged as well.

The Digital Reader followed the changes the coming week, reporting that” I have appreciated numerous reports on Facebook, KBoards, and elsewhere that Amazon has adopted a new policy where some romance names, most notably those names that Amazon has identified as erotica, have been removed from the Kindle Store best-seller list .” Amazon’s changes began on March 22.

Delisting titles from the Amazon Kindle store basically buries them entirely, leading to massive revenue loss for indie writers. One writer receives an note from KDP- Kindle Direct Publishing- discussing the changes 😛 TAGEND

I’m following up concerning some of your books missing their best sellers ranking.

After hearing from our technological team we have confirmed that this is due to a recent update to the filter alternative for Erotica ebooks.

All adult themed titles is likely to be filtered from the main category marketings rank as part of this update. Nonetheless, you are able to still continue to keep all of your category rankings. I know this wasn’t the answer you were looking for but acknowledge your understanding on this policy.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

The FOSTA Bill is ostensibly about avoiding online sex trafficking and has already caused Craigslist to shut down its online personals. Nonetheless, it can also be construed as a bill that prevents sexual material of all kinds from receiving ready distribution online, a fact that is giving some big content providers pause. The Digital Reader notes that” the altered in policy only affects the main Amazon site, and not other websites like Amazon UK .”

I have reached out to writers and Amazon for the purposes of the comment.

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